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  • Adlink PCI-7256. 16...

    Adlink PCI-7256. 16 kanalers isolerede digitale input, 16 kanalers latching relæ output, PCI

    Reläerna behålla sin ställning trots att strömmen till kortet är bortkopplad.

    Supports a 32-bit 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus
    16-CH latching SPDT relay outputs
    Power saving on relay actuation
    Output status unchanged when power-off
    On-board LED indicators for relay status
    16-CH isolated DI
    Change-of-status (COS) interrupt
    Board ID

    Pris 3 885 SEK
    Artikelnummer REL16OPT16PCI
  • 32 kanalers optoisoleret...

    32 kanalers optoisoleret digitale input, 32 kanalers optoisolerede digitale OC-output, PCI

    8 av de digitala utgångarna kan dra upp till 500 mA per. kanal

    32-CH optical-isolated digital input
    32-CH optical-isolated digital output
    Isolation Voltage: 3750 Vrms (Using external power)
    Card ID: Jumper setting for multi-board identification 
    Open Collector: 8-channel - 500mA, Current Sinking, NPN
    Open Collector: 24-channel - 100mA, Current Sinking, NPN

    Pris 3 119 SEK
    Artikelnummer OPTO32I32PCI-I
  • Adlink PCI-8554. 10...

    Adlink PCI-8554. 10 kanalers counter, 16 bit, 8 kanalers TTL input, 8 kanalers TTL output, PCI

    PCI 10 kanal 16 - bitars räkna kort

    Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
    On-board four 82C54 programmable timer/counter chips
    10-CH independent 16-bit down counters
    1-CH 32-bit cascaded timer
    Four programmable clock sources for each timer/counter
    Programmable de-bounce filter for external clock & external interrupt inputs
    8-CH TTL DI & 8-CH TTL DO

    Pris 4 143 SEK
    Artikelnummer CTC10PCI
  • Adlink PCI7260+ACL-10337. 8...

    Adlink PCI7260+ACL-10337. 8 kanalers relæ output, 8 isolerede digitale input, PCI

    PCI kort med 8 relæer og 8 optoisolerede indgange

    8-CH high power relay outputs (5A @ 250VAC or 30VDC)
    8-CH isolated digital inputs with AC-filter
    1-CH emergency shutdown input
    Pluggable connector for high current input
    Supports universal 32-bit 3.3V and 5V PCI bus
    Initial state and safety state setting by DIP switches
    Built-in watchdog timer

    Pris 2 771 SEK
    Artikelnummer REL8OPT8PCI+
  • ADLINK LPCI-7200. 32...

    ADLINK LPCI-7200. 32 kanalers D/I og D/O kort, 12MB/s, PCI

    Support a 32-bit 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus
    32-CH TTL digital inputs and 32-CH TTL digital outputs
    Up to 12 MB/s transfer rate
    Bus mastering DMA for both digital inputs and outputs
    On-board programmable timer pacer clock
    Supports handshaking digital I/O transfer mode
    Multiple programmable interrupt sources
    Compact, low-profile PCI size PCB

    Pris 2 697 SEK
    Artikelnummer DI32O32PCI