RS422/RS485 PCI Expresskort

RS422/RS485 PCI Expresskort

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  • PCI Express kort med...

    PCI Express kort med 2xRS232 / 422/485

    PCI Express x 1, 2x RS232, RS422 / 485
    RS485 ART (Automatic Receive Transmit kontroll), RS485 i 3 funktionslägen
    optisk isolering, överspänningsskydd (även i RS232), Kompakt styrelsens storlek (halv storlek)
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    Product code: RS485-2PCIE-I+
  • 4 ports RS422/485 PCIe kort

    4 ports RS422/485 PCIe kort

    4 port RS422/485 PCIe board

    • Full x1 PCI Express Throughput, 250Mbytes/sec

    • Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base Specifications, Revision 1.1

    • Supports RS485 Auto Transceiver Turn Around by Unique Featured ATTATM Hardware

    • 128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receivers

    • Supports 4 DB9-male Connectors over an Octopus Cable

    • Supports Low Profile Form Factor with Optional Low Profile Bracket

    • Support 4-wire RS422/485 and 2-wire RS485 Modes

    • Supports RS422/485 Speed up to 921.6Kpbs

    • Optional Model: Isolated and 15KV ESD Surge Protection

    • Supports Win2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Win 7 and Linux

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    Product code: RS485-4PCIE