RS-232/422/485 LPT Parallel

RS-232/422/485 LPT Parallel

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  • MOXA NP5150, NPort...

    MOXA NP5150, NPort serielportsserver, 1 x RS-232/ 422/ 485, DB9 hane

    1-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers, MOXA NPort 5150.

    • Small size for easy installation                                                                  
    • Real COM/TTY drivers for Windows and Linux
    • Standard TCP/IP interface and versatile operation modes
    • Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuring multiple device servers
    • Built-in 15 KV ESD protection for all serial signals
    • SNMP MIB-II for network management
    • Configure by Telnet or web browser
    • Adjustable termination resistor for RS-485 ports
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    Artikelnummer ETH1SER5150
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  • Restlager: 4 x RS422/485...

    Restlager: 4 x RS422/485 serieporte, PCI Express, opisoleret

    Low RMA rate and high reliability with Sunix's single chipset designed ASIC

     Compliant with one-lane 2.5 Gbps PCI-Express specification

     128K FIFO buffer can reduce CPU loading, less interruption and improving system performance dramatically

     RS-422/485 Auto Identify and Switch technology enable device plug-n-play without jumper or switch setting

     ARSCTM (Auto RTS Signal Control) technology allows accurate switching of the transmitter on and off for precise timing of the data transmission

     Optical isolation (2.5KV) provides protection against damage from static electrical charge

     Surge protection (600W) provides protection against surge damage from high energy spike

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    Artikelnummer SER4PCIE-I
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  • USB till 1 x RS485 / RS442...

    USB till 1 x RS485 / RS442 omvandlare med DB9 galvanisk isolering

    Få 1 stycke. x RS485 eller RS422-port via adapter ansluten till datorns USB-port
    Galvanisk isolering (optisk), 2KVolt
    Baudrate upp till 921.6 Kbit / s
    Windows, även Win 7/8, Vista, Linux, Server 2000 till Server 2016 (WHQL-certifierad)
    Linux Kärnan 2.4
    Mac OS X 10.9, drivrutin Godkänd av Apple

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    Artikelnummer CNV-USB-RS485I
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  • USB till 1 x RS422 / RS485...

    USB till 1 x RS422 / RS485 adapter, optiskt isolerad

    Connect 1 x RS422/RS485 equipment to USB port
    Galvanic isolation (optic) 2KV
    DB9 male and screw terminal for serial connection
    Baudrate 300bit/s to 921,6 Kbit/s
    Selection of port type with DIL switch
    Support Win7/8/10, MAC

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    Artikelnummer CNV-USB-UNI-I
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  • 2 x RS232 seriella portar...

    2 x RS232 seriella portar för PCI. Plug & play, hög och låg ryggplatta, TITAN PCI-200LP UPCI Vscom

    2 x RS232 seriella portar med plug & amp; spela
    1 x TITAN BSP9216B (chipset)
    1 x DB25 hane kontakt på kortet
    1 x DB25 hona för två DB9 hane adapterkablar ingår
    Bus: Universal PCI (5V och 3.3V) 32 bit 33MHz
    RS232-signal: DCD, RxD, TxD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI
    Max. Bitrate: 921.6kbps
    Varje port med 16 bit FIFO för sändning & amp; recension
    IS support: Windows, Linux
    0 ° C till 60 ° C

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    Artikelnummer SER2PCI3V-L
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  • 1 x RS232 serie port server

    1 x RS232 serie port server

    Serial Device Server med RS232 serieport via Ethernet og Internet
    Atop SE5001-S2 Serial Device Server
    10/100Mbit Ethernet.
    Serielport via DB9 male
    Strømforsynes fra 9 - 30VDC eller 5VDC (power-jack)

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    Artikelnummer ETH1SER-MINI+
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  • Isolerad USB till...

    Isolerad USB till RS485-omvandlare, -25 ° C ~ +75 ° C

    USB till RS485-omvandlare, isolerad
    1 x RS485 7-polig terminalblock
    1 x USB-B
    Hastighet: 300 ~ 115200 bps
    För USB 1.1 / 2.0 (High Speed)

    2500 VDC-isolering på RS485
    till DIN-skena montering
    Ingen extern strömförsörjning krävs
    Input +5 VDC från USB-port
    OS-stöd WIN 98 / ME / 2000 / XP (32 / 64- bit) / Vista (32/64-bitars) / 7 (32/64-bitars) / 8 (32/64-bitars) / 10 / Linux
    Driftstemperatur. -25 ° C ~ +75 ° C
    USB-kabel (1,8m) ingår

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    Artikelnummer M485-USB-ISO
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